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Who is Mister Sweat?

Well, that’s a long story.

Every move in my life has taken me to strange new places.

…to tech journalism, where I told my editor, “We should do something about this Internet thing.” To InformationWeek, where I was the first reporter to cover the technology of marketing, where I landed a bunch of cover stories and picked up an award or two.

…to Yahoo!, where I made sense of social media in its Wild West days and made it work for marketing to advertisers. To ad agencies, where I took on the other side of press relations and helped bring Deutsch LA and 72andSunny to national prominence.

And finally, to here, where I bring all of those pieces of my world together in my own kind of agency. (And occasionally write a novel.)

—Jeff (Mister Sweat)



The Mister Sweat Team


  • Mister Sweat

    Jeff Sweat


    I've been at this game for a while, and one thing has always remained true: It's the story that matters. I started out as a tech journalist at InformationWeek, a cub reporter who watched the rise and fall of the first dot com bubble. That's where I learned my love for marketing. At Yahoo!, I led the social media team for advertisers and agencies. Social media was the Wild West then, and we were one of the first to use it for B2B marketing and make it stick. I came back to my journalism roots to lead PR for Deutsch LA and 72andSunny at moments when both were climbing to national prominence. There I learned that agencies need marketing as much as their clients do. But they don't know how to tell their story. That's where I come in.

    Mister Sweat
  • Mister Sweat

    Laura Nicolas

    Managing Director

    Living in Silicon Valley-adjacent Santa Cruz, I started my career as an accidental marketer at Netscape over 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve joined worked for tech pioneers like AOL, Adobe, and Cisco. Most notably, I spent a decade at Yahoo where I worked with consumer, B2B advertiser, product, brand, experiential and content marketing teams. It was in 2010, while still at Yahoo, that my path crossed with Jeff—or as he was often nicknamed, Mister Sweat. Karaoke go-to: “American Girl” by Tom Petty

  • Mister Sweat

    Erin Schneider

    PR Strategy

    Southerner by birth and Californian by choice, Erin has a deep rolodex of top-tier media contacts and loves the thrill of scoring major press. She has launched Lexus’ “Black Panther” partnership, led the opening of Chicago’s Millennium Park, and fueled the pumpkin spice latte craze for Starbucks. Erin has been in the business for nearly two decades, the past decade immersed in the world of marketing as PR lead for Innocean and Saatchi LA. She started her career with Finn Partners and Edelman, and worked in-house at Warner Bros. Karaoke go-to: Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”

  • Mister Sweat

    Blair Moreland

    PR Strategy

    Bringing Things Together. Blair wears many hats at Mister Sweat, from creating social media campaigns, writing blog posts, press releases, media pitches to maintaining media lists and backgrounders to tracking client media coverage. Blair moved to NYC the day after she graduated from the George Washington University and started her career. Before taking time off for her toughest role as “Mom”, Blair was part of the Global PR team at Bain & Company. Blair currently lives in the Detroit area with her two children. Karaoke go-to: “Shoop” by Salt-n-Pepa

  • Mister Sweat

    Lauren Van Delden

    Thought Leadership

    As of one Mister Sweat’s earliest team members, Lauren has helped create the Thought Leadership arm of Mister Sweat. She keeps the wheels turning internally as coordinator, and manage award opportunities and client projects. Karaoke go-to: If you manage to drag her on stage she can rap the entirety of “Bad Touch” by The Bloodhound Gang. (It was cool in the 90s).

  • Mister Sweat

    Joy Allen

    Thought Leadership

    In addition to being a writer and editor, I spent five years as a casting producer, six years in commercial production, three years as a journalist. I also spent over a decade performing improv comedy at theaters around the U.S. Put that all together and you know one thing — I can make you look good, sound good, and match you with your perfect audience. Plus jokes! Karaoke go-to: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, and I’ll sing backup for “Son of a Preacher Man” if you sing lead.

A Little Bit of Work

(A lot more than PR.)

Our background spans everything from marketing to PR to social media to consulting. Not surprisingly, so does our work.

  • Cannes Has Pizza

    Feeding hungry drunks in Cannes

    Cannes Has Pizza

    You can get rosé almost any time day or night at Cannes Lions, but there's almost no way to get food after midnight. How do you feed them? You take over a fleet of pizza scooters and deliver slices to hungry drunks throughout Cannes. Bonus: you create a mobile app that tracks where the scooters are about to deliver. The project ultimately delivered a lot more than pizza. The press talked about it, Deutsch LA met a lot of new recruits, and it helped people survive Cannes. And that was sort of the point.

  • Fast Company Creativity Counterconference

    Bringing Fast Company to us

    Fast Company Creativity Counterconference

    Sometimes it pays to ask for exactly what you want. Jeff wanted to get 72andSunny involved with Fast Company events. So he cornered the Fast Company events team at a cocktail party and said, "You need to hold a conference in LA. And we can host it for you." The next day they were on a plane to LA and liked the space so much they made it the location for Fast Company's first-ever Los Angeles conference. Soon hundreds of marketers got a chance to see 72andSunny close up.

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  • Deutsch Underground Bloggers

    Creating a blog squad for an agency

    Deutsch Underground Bloggers

    Agencies can benefit from content marketing—but they can't afford the army of dedicated social media writers that it usually takes to do it right. At Deutsch LA, I realized that agencies have the perfect alternative: a bunch of people who got into advertising to be creative but ended up filling out spreadsheets for clients. So I created the Deutsch Underground Bloggers, a secret society of volunteers from around the agency who met in monthly meetings called Beer & Blogging. When they wrote their first posts, they got decoder rings, which we used to send messages. The top post each month got a $250 gift card. They got a creative outlet and a way to earn a little extra cash, and we found a great new source of content.

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  • The Stage at Cannes

    Landing speaking engagements at Cannes Lions

    The Stage at Cannes

    For most agencies, speaking at Cannes Lions is the pinnacle of public engagements. I've helped my agencies go four for four in Cannes pitches. That's a combination of understanding what the Cannes content programmers want, writing pitches that grab an audience's attention, and building the relationships it takes to make sure your agency is on the shortlist to be included.

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