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Who is Mister Sweat?

Well, that’s a long story.


Every move in my life has taken me to strange new places.

…to tech journalism, where I told my editor, “We should do something about this Internet thing.” To InformationWeek, where I was the first reporter to cover the technology of marketing, where I landed a bunch of cover stories and picked up an award or two.

…to the marketing world, where I was one of the first to try my hand at content marketing. To Yahoo!, where I made sense of social media in its Wild West days and made it work for marketing to advertisers. To ad agencies, where I took on the other side of press relations and helped bring Deutsch LA and 72andSunny to national prominence.

And finally, to here, where I bring all of those pieces of my world together in my own kind of agency. (And occasionally write a novel.)


A Little Bit of Work

(A little more than PR.)

My background spans everything from writing to PR to social media to marketing. Not surprisingly, so does my work.

  • Cannes Has Pizza

    Feeding hungry drunks in Cannes

    Cannes Has Pizza

    At 5:00 in the morning in Cannes a few years ago, I was a little bit drunk and a whole lot hungry. I looked around and saw a bunch of people in even worse shape than I was. That's when I realized: if you could figure out how to get food to people after midnight, you could own Cannes Lions. I used a pizza shop and a fleet of Deutsch LA-branded motor scooters to deliver 1800 slices of pizza to drunk people throughout Cannes. And because everything is harder when you're drunk, we wanted to give people a way to find their slice. So we created a mobile app that tracked where the scooters were on their way to deliver. The project ultimately delivered a lot more than pizza—the press talked about us, we got to meet a lot of new recruits, and we helped people survive Cannes. And that was sort of the point.

  • Fast Company Creativity Counterconference

    Bringing Fast Company to us

    Fast Company Creativity Counterconference

    Sometimes it pays to ask for exactly what you want. I wanted to get 72andSunny involved with Fast Company events. So I cornered the Fast Company events team at a cocktail party and said, "You need to hold a conference in LA. And we can host it for you." The next day they were on a plane to LA and liked the space so much they made it the location for Fast Company's first-ever Los Angeles conference. I helped them bring it to life, and soon hundreds of marketers got a chance to see 72andSunny close up. Our executives rubbed shoulders with Fast Company editors—and Mayor Garcetti and Jessica Alba, too!

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  • Deutsch Underground Bloggers

    Creating a blog squad for an agency

    Deutsch Underground Bloggers

    Agencies can benefit from content marketing—but they can't afford the army of dedicated social media writers that it usually takes to do it right. At Deutsch LA, I realized that agencies have the perfect alternative: a bunch of people who got into advertising to be creative but ended up filling out spreadsheets for clients. So I created the Deutsch Underground Bloggers, a secret society of volunteers from around the agency who met in monthly meetings called Beer & Blogging. When they wrote their first posts, they got decoder rings, which we used to send messages. The top post each month got a $250 gift card. They got a creative outlet and a way to earn a little extra cash, and we found a great new source of content.

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  • The Stage at Cannes

    Landing speaking engagements at Cannes Lions

    The Stage at Cannes

    For most agencies, speaking at Cannes Lions is the pinnacle of public engagements. I've helped my agencies go four for four in Cannes pitches. That's a combination of understanding what the Cannes content programmers want, writing pitches that grab an audience's attention, and building the relationships it takes to make sure your agency is on the shortlist to be included.

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